10 Ways to Reach Christmas
Job Success!

Want to make sure you land that temporary Christmas job? We’ve put together our top 10 tips to help you search, find and apply for those seasonal vacancies.

So follow our advice and you’ll be dashing through the snow to Christmas job success in no time!


1. Start applying early
Most of us start our Christmas shopping early and employers typically begin advertising Christmas vacancies from September onwards.

The job hunting process of applying for jobs, waiting for recruiters to check through lots of applications and actually organising interviews can take a long time, so it’s vital to start looking for Christmas job opportunities as soon as possible.


2. Know where to look
Think about the companies that are going to face the most increased demand during the festive period.

Although the retail industry is the most obvious place to start your search, hospitality, catering and delivery companies also face busier times. Think about what industry you’d be most keen to work in and focus your job search around that.


3. Don’t forget smaller businesses
Although it’s usually larger businesses that face the highest increase in sales, small to medium-sized companies also find themselves looking to expand their workforce throughout the winter period, to take full advantage of the increase in consumer spend.

So take your time when searching for small and local businesses; you’re more likely to be able to apply to them directly.


4. Connections and contacts
Think about your previous employment or any contacts that you’ve made through networking that could help you in your job search. Did one of your colleagues move on to start their own business? Maybe an ex-colleague knows of a temporary Christmas role at their company?

Even if you worked in a retail store years ago and all your contacts from there have moved on, the current employer may be keen to hear from any previous employees and might consider taking you back on over the busy period.

Plus, you’ll already understand the company’s procedures and have an advantage over other applicants.


5. Tailor your CV
Consider the transferable skills you’ll need to cope with the extra demand when working during this busy trading period. Patience, time management and the ability to problem solve are all relevant and important when working in the fast-paced industry you’re applying for.

Even if you haven’t needed these skills in your previous employment (though you probably will have!), think about where you may have exercised them in your private life and how you can demonstrate this on your CV.

For example, did you work on a volunteering project during your summer break? Do you take part in any clubs or hobbies? Consider the skills you would have gained from taking part in these activities and use them as examples. Knowing how to tailor your CV is extremely important – it could help you get the job.

Originally posted on 21st October 2016 on CV Library

Posted on November 28, 2018 in Career Advice