Recruitment – How do you
do yours?

Recruitment – How do you do yours?

The true cost of Recruitment


A company’s most important asset is its people. Having the right people with the right skills in the right positions can make the difference between business success and failure.

However, how do you get these right people into your organisation in the first place? Do you take on the additional responsibility internally or is it better to hire the expertise of an external recruitment agency to help you find the best person for your job?


Should I use a Recruitment Agency?


By using a recruitment agency you are effectively outsourcing a large part of your recruitment process in turn this will certainly save you time. A survey by CIPD* found that speed and ability to recruit scarce skills were the most popular reasons for using an agency and even the most experienced HR Professionals can benefit from an agency’s local and specialist knowledge.


What are the benefits of using a Recruitment Agency?


It will free up your time allowing you to concentrate on the day to day running of the business.

If you are a smaller organisation, you may not have the personnel to handle your own recruitment. Using a Recruitment Agency can be like gaining a department!

The Recruitment Agency will use their skills and expertise to pre- screen and shortlist candidates.

You can ‘try out’ temporary workers before employing them permanently.

Recruitment Agencies will pay the temporary workers directly, and take care of all their tax and holiday pay issues.


The true cost of recruiting.


It is thought by some people that recruitment agencies are used as a last resort when the pressure is on to find candidates quickly and that all agencies are the same. However the true cost of recruitment can be far greater then you realise – so what is the real cost of recruitment?

A report produced by the CIPD* showed that on average it takes 8.13 weeks to fill a vacancy at a cost in excess of £4,000. If you then include administrative time and lost productivity involved with the recruitment process, the cost is even higher.


With a typical recruitment process including at least 8 steps (Shown below), it is easy to see why so many companies utilise the services of a Recruitment agency


  1. Write the advert
  2. Place the advertisement in newspaper/online
  3. Collate responses from above
  4. Read through all applications
  5. Contact all unsuccessful applicants
  6. Contact all successful applicants
  7. Arrange interviews
  8. Contact all unsuccessful interviews


Businesses in the UK waste £1 million a day on poor recruitment *


Start investing in the future of your business with KES Solutions UK – Helping you make successful recruitment decisions.


KES Solutions vs. your advertisement


An advertisement may lose you a week or even a month’s lead-time, at KES Solutions UK we will be sourcing candidates the same day you brief us on your role and requirements.


We will work with you until your post is filled, unlike the advertising medium, which stops working for you once the advertisement has appeared.


We will review the applications, inform the unsuccessful applicants and shortlist only the most suitable candidates for you to interview.


We have access to all the major job boards & links with the local press so we can do all of the advertising for you at no up-front cost. We can re-run all adverts in the event successful candidates fall short.


We apply a rebate in the event the candidate we place leaves within a specified timescale, provided payment is made within the agreed timeframe.


The savings in time are self-evident. If you brief a competent recruitment agency properly and make it clear that they have the discretion to filter for you, you can avoid hours, perhaps days of wasted time.


*CIPD Annual Survey Report Recruitment, Retention & Turnover

* Price calculated in accordance with proposed salary.

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