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Inclusiveness Means Giving Every
Employee Personal Attention

Several years ago, a large, global company asked me to help improve their employee engagement. I suggested a strengths-based approach to the problem: a search for “hot spots” in the organization where people were highly engaged and performing well. By understanding what was working, we could harness and replicate these factors across the greater organization. We surveyed…

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7 things you should never say
in an interview

You dry cleaned your suit. You’ve got a dozen copies of your résumé, just in case. You arrived early — but not too early. You silenced your cellphone. You made small talk with the receptionist, and you’re pretty sure the two of you will be best friends one day. Now, you’re about to confidently head…

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The Role of Social Media In
Pre-Employment Screening

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Dress Down Friday

We are holding a Dress Down Friday in the office in support of our chosen Charity, St Clare’s Hospice. This will be a monthly event and we will each pay £2.00. This is running alongside other fundraising events we will be doing for them in the future. Keep your eyes open for the Rainbow Run…

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World Cup Groups

World Cup Predictor

Paul The Octopus (hatched in 2008, died October 2010) was a common octopus living in a tank at a Sea Life Centre in Oberhausen, Germany, who was used as an animal oracle to predict the results of football matches, usually international matches in which Germany was playing. He came to worldwide attention with his accurate…

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