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Ways You’re Holding Yourself Back
From Becoming a Huge Success

It’s easy to identify all the external factors responsible for keeping you from achieving your goals. Maybe you chose a degree in an industry that has seen a recent decline. Maybe your boss doesn’t appreciate your work. Maybe your business idea was leveraged by another entrepreneur before you had a chance to patent it. Most…

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The Revealing Interview Questions
Candidates Never Think to Ask

Over the weekend, my friend texted me a link to the New York Times piece,“Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired.” As I read it, my jaw dropped, my eyes opened wide, and I shook my head in disbelief—I did all of the things that, you know, you do when you can’t believe what you’re reading, seeing, or…

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New Year, New Job:
How to change career and
future-proof your working life

According to the site CareerBuilder, the top New Year’s resolution at work is to find a new job, with 21 percent of workers pledging to leave their employer in 2016. Meanwhile, a survey conducted by Standard Life and Research Now suggests that 54pc of Brits want to change career, with this figure rising to 73pc…

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20 Career-Boosting Steps You Can
Take Before New Year’s Eve

It’s finally December, and you’ve worked hard all year long. You wrote enough emails to fill a novel. You spent an average of seven hours a day on your computer. And, if you were working full-time, you probably spent 42 hours of your life battling traffic during your daily commute. Whoa. If anyone deserves a…

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Call Centre Staff Wanted

We are currently working with a number of contact centres across the North East and actively recruiting candidates in both Customer Services and Sales. Experience is advantageous but more important is the passion to provide a high quality customer service or for sales the drive to succeed. The main duties for customer service would include;…

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