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British Heart Foundation

  Imagine the thrill as you leave the plane at over 10,000ft, accelerate in free fall from 0 to 120mph and fall through the sky for over 5,000ft. Then the silence and tranquillity after the parachute deploys, and the amazing views as you gently glide down to earth… On the 25th April 2015 our Managing Director, Kelly…

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35 Costly Job Search Mistakes
You Might Still Be Making

It’s always fun to hear about the big mistakes job applicants make—like showing up in sweatpants or falling asleep during the interview. (And yes, both of those things have happened.) It’s less fun to hear about the smaller mistakes—like someone showing up five minutes late or having a typo on the first line of a…

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New Year, New Career: How to
Land Your Dream Job in 2015

For individuals who want to take the next step in their career, January is a great time to double down on their efforts and jump-start their job search. By this time, the holidays will be over, and both job hunters and employers will be ready to start the new year by seizing new opportunities. “Oftentimes,…

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Rev up your job search
during Christmas time

Many people believe the myth that companies stop hiring during the whirlwind of winter holidays. Although hiring does taper in December, hiring activity never really stops — something to consider if you’re considering ramping up the job hunt in the new year. This is the time when companies finalize their budgets for the coming year…

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Dealing with redundancy

Redundancy isn’t usually welcome, but it is something that happens to many of us during our working lives. However, it is not necessarily a negative situation to be in; many people have used it as an opportunity for positive change in their lives and careers. What is important is how you react to a situation…

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