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9 candidates who made a major
impression on hiring manangers

In the current job market, any way you can stand above the crowd is a welcome boost. So to find out what bright-eyed candidates could do to prove themselves, we asked nine entrepreneurs from YEC what interviewees had done in the past–or, well, what they wish candidates had done–to differentiate themselves and land the job.…

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Interview Tips

Here are 10 tips for interview success.   1. First impressions count Greet your interviewer with a smile and firm handshake. Give eye contact. Try to make small talk during the walk from the reception area to the interview room. Liz Anderson, a human resources manager says, “You have to sell yourself before you can…

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5 Difficult Interview Questions
and What they Really Mean

Coming across difficult interview questions can stump you, but taking time to plan on how to answer them will help you endlessly throughout your career. Webrecruit looks at answering five of the most difficult interview questions, and what they really mean. Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time? Interviewers and hiring managers use…

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Taking The Heat
From Your Holiday Cover

Are you ready for the mayhem of the Summer Holidays? WE ARE!! Don’t let your business suffer as your staff take their time off to travel to far off countries to top up their tan!! KES Solutions UK Ltd is a leading provider of staffing solutions. Give us a call today on 0191 3878882 or…

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3 Ways to shine when asked
“Tell me about yourself”

The hour of your big interview has arrived, and you know you’re going to nail it. You’ve done your research and memorized your talking points. At this point, you could talk about the company in your sleep—right down to where the interviewer attended undergrad and the exact number of Wall Street Journal mentions the company…

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