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Common Interview Responses Can
Be Interpreted Different Ways

You arrive to your interview prepared with a list of questions to ask the hiring manager. But, when he answers them, you only feel more confused. That’s because common answers could be interpreted different ways. And, depending on what the interviewer really means, this company may—or may not—be the right fit for you. 1. “We…

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How to: Prepare for an interview

The interview process varies for every job. After the initial application process, some employers choose to screen candidates further by inviting them to take a test, have a chat on the phone or even prepare a case study before coming in to have a face-to-face interview. All of these steps are equally important in impressing…

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Four tips for an
award-winning interview

Preparing for an interview? Fear not, as a leading careers author gives you her top tips… Never is personal branding more important than when you’re going for a job interview, particularly if it’s a job you really want. Yet most of us go into an interview feeling nervous and powerless. With that mindset, it’s hard…

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