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How do I integrate myself into a
new team?

After you’ve survived day one in a new job, you’re next task is to make sure you become a valuable member of the team. Get off on the right foot and it’s going to be peaches and cream – foul it up and you could find yourself back on the job market sooner than you…

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The Revealing Interview Questions
Candidates Never Think to Ask

Over the weekend, my friend texted me a link to the New York Times piece,“Congratulations! You’ve Been Fired.” As I read it, my jaw dropped, my eyes opened wide, and I shook my head in disbelief—I did all of the things that, you know, you do when you can’t believe what you’re reading, seeing, or…

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New Year, New Career: How to
Land Your Dream Job in 2015

For individuals who want to take the next step in their career, January is a great time to double down on their efforts and jump-start their job search. By this time, the holidays will be over, and both job hunters and employers will be ready to start the new year by seizing new opportunities. “Oftentimes,…

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